Thursday, June 14, 2012

Five Reasons for a College Football Playoff

Since college football began, there was always a debate on who the true national champion was. Before the birth of the BCS in 1998, the national champion was selected by a committee in the final AP polls and other polls. This caused controversy since schools were fighting over who was that national champion of a certain year.

For example, both Georgia and Ohio State recognize 1942 as the year they won the national title. While it does not seem to have the two schools fighting each other, but it has the fans fired up. So in 1998 the BCS was put into college football, and many thought, it was the answer. The nation soon found out that the BCS was also extremely flawed. The 2007 was a monumental mess and nightmare for supporter of the BCS and was when playoffs started to heat up.

Both #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia lost to their opponents causing mass shock and confusion among the nation. Meanwhile, #3 Ohio State and #4 Georgia were celebrating believing they were in the national title. Ohio State did get in, but the question was who would play the Buckeyes.

There were the fourth ranked 10-2 Georgia Bulldogs the seventh ranked 10-2 LSU Tigers, and other 10-2 teams such as Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and USC. Shockingly though LSU jumped five spots after a close win over Tennessee in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia who was ranked fourth dropped a spot and Missouri did not even play in a BCS bowl.

It was an absolute train wreck and ended in one as well LSU beat up on the Buckeyes 38-24, Georgia dominated Hawaii 41-10, and USC crushed Illinois in the Rose Bowl 49-17. These games were the national title and BCS bowl games so the fans were in complete disbelief that the committee picked these match ups.

Last year seems to be the final straw LSU and Alabama who both play in the SEC battled it out for all the marbles. The rest of the nation were in an uproar that two teams from the same conference were in the national title. The word now is that there will be a playoff system by 2014, and that is fantastic news.

#5 All Teams Get Chances

There was talk that this new form of playoffs might ruin any chance the smaller schools have at getting in to the national title. I say it is the opposite, while it will still be difficult for a smaller school it will not be impossible. If Boise State was to finish 12-0, the Broncos would most likely finish in the top five. So there is an outside chance that they get into the playoffs. Of course, the NCAA needs to adopt the SEC's version of playoffs.

#4 It Doesn't Ruin Bowls

If your team tries hard, but falls short of the top four ranking, well the bowls could still be there. The teams that do not make the "Football Four" could still play in the bowl games. So there will still be a good number of teams rewarded with a bowl game, however only the top four get into the playoff and a chance for the national title.

#3 Less Controversy

There will always be controversy on who the true champion is in any sport, not just college football. However, the public outcry will dimmer should a playoff be put in place. Less fans will complain and more teams will be given a shot at a national title.

#2 We Can Keep The BCS Bowls

The Rose Bowl is the biggest thing standing front of a playoff, but it may just be hosting a playoff game come 2014. The NCAA puts the top four teams in two BCS bowls Rose and Sugar one year, and Fiesta and Orange in the next. Once the playoffs expand to eight or sixteen teams more bowl sites might be used.

#1 We Come Closer To Finding A True National Champion

Before the BCS we had a group of people decide who wins the national title, and they NCAA finally decided that did not work. So they incorporated a #1 vs #2 system known as the BCS. It did not work either so we will now have four teams with a chance. I do not think a true champion will be realized until an eight or sixteen team playoff. The four team playoff is an excellent way to start off in the right direction.

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